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An Invitation from Mike Bledsoe, Founder & CEO


Imagine waking up each day in a life you’ve designed to be amazing

  • After your morning routine, you pick up your phone, and it's blown up with leads
  • Your coaching commands an audience, and the waitlist to work with you is always full
  • The clients you choose to work with are motivated, follow your guidance, and are happy to pay for it
  • You have the freedom to travel, you have the freedom to not worry about money, you have the freedom to work from anywhere

You can BUILD that life


Guidance that gives you time, clarity, and space to build the coaching business you want

  • How to find exactly what clients want

  • How to build a program that gives clients what they want AND what they need

  • How to get the word out and fill your programs 

  • How to connect your clients to their own motivation so they follow through

Coaches want to know that they are making a difference in their clients’ lives. They want the results they get their clients to speak for themselves. They want their success to be based on the results they get for their clients instead of on some marketing shortcut.

Clear Vision of Your Coaching

Powerful coaching comes from someone who knows what they want and has a clear vision of where their clients can go.

Stand Above the Noise

So that you can reach the people who need your help the most

Become Known for Your Results

If people want the results they’ve seen with your other clients, there’s only one coach to go to.

How We Help

We show you step-by-step how to research, create, and launch coaching programs. The most important steps are usually skipped. We cut out the fluffy stuff and give you only the pieces that will make your coaching better.

Strategy calls will put you on track and keep you working toward your goals with laser focus.

If you expect your clients to get great results, it’s because they have become a new version of themselves. Your role is to help them become that new person. 

We give you guidance to not only deliver your training, but also show you how to become the new version of themself they want. 

Instead of packing you with new information then leaving you to figure it out on your own, we give you the chance to implement, reflect, and implement again.

Gunnar Regan Shares his Strong Coach Experience


Here’s what to expect

  • You’ll have the guidance, resources, community, training, and access to world class support. 

    Access to the community comes with: 7 modules you can access online 24/7, three 1-on-1 strategy calls in the first year, monthly Q&A as a group (you’ll learn from the experience of other coaches), direct messaging with our coaches - responses within 24 hours Mon-Fri, and community support with the other coaches.

What it looks like

  • Strategy call #1 - Start moving in the direction you want

  • Begin moving through the BUILD framework

  • Schedule client interviews

  • Conduct client interviews 

  • Build a course based on what clients have told you they want

  • Launch your first beta course!

  • Celebrate

  • Goal setting sessions getting clients connected to what drives them

  • Adjust and improve the course in real time based on what clients need

  • Bring your value and move your clients toward great results

  • Check in with each client.

    • Get testimonials of their success

    • Set new goals based off of where they are now

    • Ask for referrals 

    • Offer them your next program if you are creating one

That’s just the first 2-3 months depending on your pace.

Now go through the process again. Learn from mistakes, double down on strengths, get guidance anytime you need it. 

In under 12 months you'll be leading a motivated community because you're a leader who commands an audience.

The Math of The Strong Coach

The Strong Coach is designed to pay for itself...many times over.

Get one new client - only one - and you’ve paid for the month.

But most clients stick around for more than one month.

Also, happy clients lead to more clients.

And there’s more

For most coaches we suggest creating a small group:

Launch your beta program with 3 clients paying you $250 for a 6 week program.

That’s $750 from the lowest priced launch you’ll do. 

5 clients at $500 for an 8 week program

That’s $2,500 

Find what your audience really wants and now you have a 3 month program for $1,500 plus a VIP package that 2 people buy at $3,500. 

If you have 6 in that group it’s $13k.

Starting to see what’s possible?

People won’t pay $3,500 for VIP “exercise,” but they will happily pay $3,500 to feel at home in their body again after years of pain caused by poor movement patterns.

Questions & Answers

Go from the coach who knows what people should do (if they would listen) to the coach who is loved by their clients and sought after. 

“How do I find out what clients really want?”

We show you the process and give you the questions to ask.

“How do I fill up a program?”

By learning how to read your clients' minds

“How do I get people interested in my coaching?”

We make marketing simple and effective

“How do I motivate clients to achieve life changing results?”

We teach you our timeless goal setting process and how to ask the right questions

“What do I do if it doesn’t work for me the first time?”

Take your pick or use all 3:

  • Send us a direct message - we’ll get back to you within 24 hours Mon-Fri. 

  • You’ll have one of our coaches answering your question right away. 

  • AND we have monthly Q&A. AND you have 3 1 on 1 strategy calls in the first year.

You are protected with our guarantee:

Try the community now and cancel at any time if you aren’t satisfied. 

The Strong Coach curriculum, coaching, and community is designed to pay for itself over and over again. That will happen if you take action and ask for guidance when you feel stuck (guidance is always at your fingertips). 

If you aren’t totally satisfied, you can cancel at any time.

From coach in a CrossFit gym to her own successful nutrition business online


Coaching is about Helping Your Clients Become New People


Nothing is more frustrating getting a new cert, but not getting any new clients

Coaching is 1 part training and 1 part knowing how to get your clients so bought in they do exactly what they know they SHOULD be doing

Clients this motivated have an improved relationship with food and exercise, but the squat or meal plan isn’t what makes the change.

A world class coach supports clients by helping them emotionally commit to being a new person. Mental commitment alone isn’t enough. 

But where is the certification that teaches you to develop these skills?

The Strong Coach is here for you.

Inside the community, you’ll get the concrete steps that will allow you to connect with prospects and clients. Prospects will become your clients and clients will be thrilled with what they are able to accomplish. 

We give you the time so you when you run into roadblocks we deliver guidance for how to overcome them. No more progress for 1 month only to encounter an obstacle that puts you back at the beginning. 

The world needs coaches more than ever. The world needs more people who have connected to what they want, sought out guidance, and gone after their goals. 

Coaches are on the front lines of making the world a better place. 

The Strong Coach is here to show you not only how to stand above the noise, but how to make your coaching world class by getting your clients results they didn’t know were possible. 

If you're ready to stand above the noise and build a reputation that keeps your waitlist packed, we're here to give you the tools and guide you

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